A.E.'s teacher at MMO this morning informed me that she needs to learn how to stick up for herself and that the other kids bully her around. WHAT? I started to walk away and quickly turned around to ask, "What do you mean?"

"We've told her she shouldn't let the other kids tease her."


I said, "What do you mean?" again. "Do they take toys from her?"

"Yes, and she just lets them."

I'm not really sure if this should be a concern. My child is not taking toys from others. She is not bullying other kids. She's not biting other kids. She's not hitting other kids. She's just letting some other kid who hasn't learned how to share take a toy from her. BIG DEAL! I must investigate further.


The Harris' said...

I am total agreement with you! I would much rather have the one whe lets people take toys as long as it doesn't upset her than the toy taker, biter, hitter, etc. I would so not worry about it.

Beth said...

I agree with the Harris' post. How would you have felt if the teacher had said, "you need to talk to your daughter about sharing and not taking away toys from others". Much worse scenario. I think this shows she has a big heart and will always have a loving hand.