Just Trying This Thing Out

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to decide...are you going to blog or not? After stalking several friends and friends-of-friends for many months now, I've made my decision: yes, I will be a blogger. After failed attempts to be a scrapbooker, (sorry, Carrie and Lou Lou) I've decided that my life and the life of my family will be best captured through the not-so-private world of the blog. Through creating this memory capsule, I hope to accomplish the following:

1. Document the rapid rate at which my children are becoming little people
2. Keep in touch with friends and family
3. Make important announcements such as, we're pregnant, we're moving, we're taking a trip to Mars, etc.
4. Regain that part of my brain I lost after having two cerebral-eating kids--but I love you A.E. and H.J.!
5. Share the fun we have as a "Phamily" and "Phollowers of Christ"

I loved reading and writing in high school, so I became an English teacher. A high school English teacher. For a mere six years. This fact is my one hesitation in becoming a blogger. I am expected to use correct grammar, to spell correctly, and in general, to be a brilliant writer. I don't think I lived the life of a teacher long enough to have become what I once thought all my former teachers were: perfect, never-wrong, and all-knowing. SO...now what do I realize? Those teachers I once idolized weren't the perfect, never-wrong, and all-knowing creatures I imagined them to be. They were, however, willing to look up the answer and learn so they could pass that truth on to us, their students. So I will enter this world of blogging, a former teacher, stay-at-home mama, and student of what is next to come.

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