Fight, For Your Right, To POTTY!

Ugh. I am potty training. Now, I know how to take care of some business, but I sure can't get my child to take care of it on the potty. Monday we had our second, deep-in-the-trenches potty session. No pants, no diaper, just some liquids, The Wonder Pets, and a potty seat. Nothing. Nothing in the potty for two hours. NOTHING! I mean that girl was chugging some chocolate milk, apple juice, anything I gave her! Not a drop. Now she did tell me that she needed a diaper to go poopie. And poopie she did. And did. And did. Or is it doo-doo-doo? (Sorry if I'm grossing you out, but I am trying to take a humorous approach to a very frustrating process.)

So we are approaching the three-year milestone with no desire to learn to use the potty and be a big girl. My child doesn't typically respond to bribes, so I'm not sure the you get a sticker, candy, ice cream treat, or sports car will work. Next Monday I'm going to try M&M's. (Once at Wal-Mart, I put a bag in the cart and she almost began to cry because, "They make me so happy, Mommy!") If anything might work, they might. That is if I can refrain from eating them myself. Note to self: MUST BUY THEM SUNDAY NIGHT, NOT A WHOLE WEEK AHEAD OF TRAINING DAY!

Soooooo, that's it. Unless any of you have any bright ideas??? Help!

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svandyke said...

Hey Carey! Love the blog and being able to keep up with you guys from Nashvegas! Re: potty training. M&Ms are great. I potty trained Miss C in five days with no regression (yet) 3 months later with chocolate! It really took five days of sitting at home and staying glued to her side to get it done. It finally clicked on day 5 (she also ate a whole bag of hershey kisses that day too!). Good luck!