A New Routine

A.E. has officially adjusted to her "new church" as she calls it for Mother's Morning Out. After her one visit on Tuesday with Miss Penny and Mrs. Martha, she felt at home enough to give me the cold shoulder when I dropped her off this morning! She waltzed right in and sat down at the table ready for anything those sweet ladies had planned for her. Not a glance back. Not a goodbye. Not a care in the world. God bless her!

I'm a little afraid of the day A.E. finds out that on Thursdays, H.J. is spending alone time with Mama. Today was refreshing; it was a flashback to the days of caring for only one child. We had a blast at the Dollar Tree. H.J. wanted absolutely everything on the shelves. Side note: What a fun outing for a child! Give her a dollar and see what she picks. I would have been hard pressed to find only one precious thing.

Next we went for a stroll on the Silver Comet Rail Trail. H.J. is up for anything that involves people watching and snacks. She was frustrated every time a bike would whiz past us in the opposite direction. She wanted something to focus on right in front of her face. I loved seeing her amazement as we stopped on the bridge over Cooper Lake Road and watched the cars and dump trucks "disappear" under us. I think she might have expressed a sigh of relief when I wheeled her around to the other side of the bridge where she was able to see that they had not driven off into a black hole.

Next we ventured back home for some reading time. I have to admit that H.J. has not had the benefit of nightly/daily book time like we did/do with A.E. When she was younger, she didn't really require a bedtime routine. I got into the habit of just laying her down and leaving that now I am afraid to change what works so well for her. So we've come up with reading time when she wakes up from her naptime. This has been working well for us, especially when she wakes before her sister. I forgot how hard it is to read to a child who hasn't learned how to hold the book, to turn the pages, to listen and not eat the book.

The time flew by today, and it was time to pick up sister. So next week, we'll add our Wednesday Bible study to the routine and see what happens.

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