Princesses and Pirates

The Princess Brigade

The Birthday Party. It has begun, and my child is addicted to the games, the theme, the cake, the absolute joy that comes with celebrating a child's birthday. When's the next party? Whose birthday is next? Let's play games. Let's sing. Let's open presents. Wooo-who.

A few weeks ago, A.E. had the privilege of being invited to a princess party. Oh, the joy! She was right at home and transformed herself into a sweet, little princess. I'll be the first to admit it. I'm not into the princess thing, which is why, precisely, my daughter is. I don't really want my daughter to think she is a princess. I know, I know. She's just pretending, but I don't want the attitude to creep into other areas of her life. I want her to know that it's not just wearing a dress and jewelry that makes someone who they are. Again, I know that's it's pretend, but I've seen too many kids at the mall, i.e. The Disney Store, demanding certain items like they have a birth right to the stuff that Mama and Daddy are "supposed" to provide if they really love them. Maybe I'm more afraid of being that parent who gives in to calm my child. Maybe I'm afraid to let A.E. have her own taste. Maybe I'm the Mama, and that's the way it's going to be.

Anyway A.E. had a wonderful time at the princess tea party. Every princess there showed grace and elegance! There was not a single tear over spilled tea, missing rings, or not enough cake. She savored the jewels, the goldfish, the tiara, and in general, just being fabulous for a morning. One thing I know for sure is that day will come when she just has to have a princess party, too. Oh, and the day when she has an opinion about what she wears. Right now is easy enough--skirts and dresses, not shorts! That day will come...

Lauren, the birthday girl, and A.E.

On the other hand, A.E. thoroughly enjoyed a Pirate Party as well. She got into the treasure hunt in the sandbox, wearing a doo-rag and eye patch, and saying "Arrrrrrggg!" But of course all of this excitement was for another birthday which = cake! Oh, and H.J. was there, too.

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