Many a night, C. and I race to the computer after we put the girls down to bed. We both have a problem. Mine is reading too many blogs, facebook and creating this blog. His is Auburn football. In this house, it's never NOT football season. In the past, I have ridiculed C.'s passion for all things Auburn. He updates me on the swimming championships, gymnastic tournaments and basket weaving competitions.

SOOOOOOOOO, today it should not have surprised me when, with Aubie as my witness, as we stood together at Tiger Walk, my husband gave almost each player a high five AND called each young man by name. I realized something important: he is just as big of a stalker as me! Hooray! I'm not alone.

The Phillips Phamily Daddy loves to read about how practice is going, who's on the injured list and who stayed out late past curfew and got caught underage drinking.

I love to read about how to decorate a house, crafty ideas from the dollar store, funny real estate listings and other Christian mamas' lives with their kids.

C. loves to read EVERY article on the AJC so he will be oh-so-up on current events.

I love reading about the heartache and sadness in some women's lives and those women's ability to persevere through it all while giving all the glory to God.

C. loves to check the weather and look at Google maps.

I love looking at pictures of my friends and their family.

C. loves to read about politics on

I love to locate stuff I want to buy and wait for it to go on sale.

It's so funny when I list out our "online" differences because it sounds like we come from completely different worlds. However, we do have this one thing in common: this blog. He will read it each and every night before we go to bed. I love this about him. He supports me in my quest to regain my brain, catalogue our lives, treasure our memories and create a legacy for our children.

Does that mean I should always get first dibs on the computer?


Chad said...

Let the record show that the morale support that a 32 year old man gave to countless 18-24 year men by high-fiving and call them by name lead to a 14-12 victory. (I think I only high-fived the defense players. Better give more love to the offense next week. They need it.)

svandyke said...

Will and I race to the computer every night too after the kiddos are in bed. However, we fight over the seat at the desk, not the computer. Will usually ends up sitting in the floor with his laptop while I sit at the desk on the desktop comupter.

Lisa said...

Yes! This is us, except different sports teams and Yahoo! Finance has to be added.

Amazingly, we are good friends and enjoy many of the same interests, but when listed out like you have done, it sure makes me wonder where we cross. :)