I Go Out Walkin' After Midnight

Officially NOT a Baby Anymore!

H.J. took her first real steps alone today! I was putting clothes away in A.E.'s closet, A.E. was sitting on the potty (with no results, God bless that child), and C. was trying to help H.J. get started. C. began to yell, "Mama, Mama, LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!" I turned to see her just as she crumpled to her knees.

So we tried again and she came 3 steps. Then again 4 steps. Then again. Then again. A.E. heard us laughing and squealing from her perch on the potty. She started to laugh, too. H.J. walked best to me, but she did go to C. a couple of times. Once we got both the girls in their pjs, we let H.J. walk to A.E. A.E. even gave her some encouragement to get her moving toward her, and they both about fell back, back, back into the rocking chair. It was so sweet to see them hugging and happy without one tackling the other.

We'll try to get a video and post it tomorrow. After all that excitement, it was time for night-night. The Phillips Phamily Daddy said I had the biggest smile on my face. I still do.


Felicia said...

Yay Harper!! I'm so excited for you that the whole family was there to celebrate the moment.

The Harris' said...

Way to go Harper!! I can't wait to see you walking around and Dylan can't wait to chase his girlfriend:-).