A Little Bit of This and a Pinch of That

This week, Mary Tabb, our mother's club leader and espouser(not a word) of Biblical knowledge, was out of town. Being good, Christian women, we decided that we should have a brunch in her absence and get to know one another a little better by standing up and telling embarrassing stories about ourselves.

Take a guess:
  • Whose now-husband drove through a herd of elk to come visit her (totally ruining the rental car) in Montana?
  • Whose backpack got caught--in front of fraternity row--in the door of a bus?
  • Who flashed the entire church by kneeling down to get baptised with a skirt unzipped in the back?
  • Who's been wandering the aisles of Home Depot looking for some "elbow grease"?

My story was rather sweet. Not embarrassing. I never do anything embarrassing. Simply put, I could not narrow the list down to a two-minute story, so I shared the story (a short version) of how my husband shared his testimony with me on our first date. Then how I gave him the side hug and "Yeah, I don't think I want anything long distance right now."

Of course God intervened and I called him (C., not God) the very next night to say I didn't mean it, and would he like to get together again?

I'll return next week with some more good tidbits from Mary from the Word.


H.J. took her first steps last week, but she still hasn't ventured into full-blown walking. She's afraid to let go of the ottoman/couch/wall/dog and dare to go it on her own. However, she will take off for the closest thing she can grab onto when you prop her up in the middle of nowhere. The child is almost panting once she gets somewhere to hold on, like, whew, THAT was some workout.


H.J. is also cutting at least two more teeth. Not much eating going on. We're taking her back to the doctor's office(oh, joy!) on the 22nd to do a weight check the same day we take A.E. to do her 3-year well-check. Uh. Need more calories!


I am in the midst of party planning for A.E.'s 3rd birthday party. Why am I sitting here typing? I should be blowing up balloons, baking cakes, creating party games for 2- and 3-year-olds and crafting interesting favors out of ordinary, household items. Nah. I'd rather be here, strengthening my brain. There is a theme. You'll see the pictures. It's sure to be a production.


The girls are upstairs, bathed and asleep. C.'s in bed too, not feeling well. What shall I do with my night? Hmmmmmmmmm.


Oh, and if you haven't scrolled down and watched the left side of the screen, I've added a new feature (gadget) to the blog. YOU can become one of MY followers! hee hee. If you wanted to be the first, sorry, Stacy beat you to it. AND she got her own, personal congratulatory call to her voice mail. So, just go for it and be #2!

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