Sunday Blues

When The Phillips Phamily Daddy and I first started dating, we were each in a different city; he was in Atlanta, while I was still in Knoxville. Whenever we would go visit each other, on Sunday night we'd each get a case of the "Sunday Blues." We knew it'd be a least another week before we'd see each other or more and the prospect of a grad school, work, and only being able to communicate on the phone was not fun. Funny how we made it through that time without computers to IM (we did email--we aren't THAT old) or cell phones to text and call each other on a whim.

Our weekend was full, but not too busy. Friday night I went to a friend's house to scrapbook, but I ended up sewing most of the time and stuffing my face with the yummy dips, brownies and fresh fruit. Saturday morning, we headed out to a birthday party on an awesome playground up in Woodstock. While we were up that way, we went by C.'s parents' house in Marietta to see the progress on their home renovations and went out to lunch. After LONG naps at home, we then made our way back to Marietta to watch the Tigers play with our friends the B's and the Ruschs. The girls and I left at halftime, while C. stayed behind to will Auburn to win. Thank goodness, a win's a win! I hope this weekend's game will be less of a nailbiter.

Today after church we ventured over to Ted's Montana Grill to eat with the B's--I saw Stacy three days in a row: RECORD!-- and our friends from Birmingham, Ian and Amy. They brought along their new addition, Kate, who we had yet to meet. She was born in June and was just as sweet and beautiful as her parents!

The girls had long naps this afternoon while C. and I got some things done around the house and took naps ourselves. While I was brushing my teeth a few minutes ago, C. came in to tell me what A.E. said to him as he read Big Red Barn to her. It was the page when the animals are all in the barn at the end of the day, and it's dark, and they are all asleep. She said, "They forgot to pray!"

That kind of stuff just reaffirms to us that the little things we are doing with our children now will eventually be visible in our children's lives. How sweet and meaningful. Now my Sunday isn't so blue!

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