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More Training

To continue last week's lesson, via Mary Tabb, Mom's Club reviewed what it meant to train up a child. Remember there are three components: 1. to bring a child into submission, 2. to develop a thirst for the Lord, and 3. to dedicate and consecrate daily the rearing of our children to the Lord.

Today we discussed what "a child" means. The Proverbs 22:6 verse brings to mind the rearing of a newborn. In 1 Samuel 1:27 the "child" is a three-year-old. In Genesis 21:16 the "child" is a preteen. In Genesis 37:2 the "child" is a 17-year-old. And finally, in Genesis 34:19 the "child" is about to be married. In each of these verses, the Hebrew form of the word "child" is used to describe varying ages of children still under the care of his or her parents. So from these examples, we are to understand that training up "a child" really refers to our children until they are ready to leave the home. As long as they are under our care, under our roof, we are called to lead them into submission, create a thirst for the Lord and daily consecrate them to the Lord.

*Please remember that I am not a Bible scholar; these are only my notes from Bible study today. If I make a mistake, please let me know!

Here are all the rest of the precious nuggets I gathered from today in list form because I am too tired to form paragraphs:

  • We need to raise our children with a Kingdom vision, not a vision for the American Dream.
  • We need to identify what did God intend for our children?
  • Create a mission statement for our family. Decide what our focus is regarding raising our children in a Christian home. (For example, to know, love and serve God OR to develop a personal relationship with Jesus)
  • Don't try to be a perfect parent. Introduce our children to a perfect God.
  • Our children are NOT an extension of us. If the mother is the vine, they are separate offshoots: Psalm 128:3
  • Let Jesus be the mediator for our children. Don't try to be that saving grace for them because we will fail.
  • We are to cooperate with the way God has made our children, and we are to raise them accordingly.
  • The "way" for our children is not a path or a road to take; it is a manner in which she is trained. It is an attitude or approach. Proverbs 30:18-19
  • Don't try to raise all our children the same way. Each child needs a different "way" he should go according to how she is made.

Next week we have a brunch and a get-to-know-each-other discussion planned because Mary Tabb will be out of town. Looking forward to next week! I'm bringing the sausage and bacon.

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