We're Alive! and One Year Older

Our family had a very busy weekend, so posting was not a priority. Sorry, folks! The Phillips Phamily Daddy went to Auburn on Saturday for a fun day but a disappointing outcome in the Tigers' first big home game. He made--from scratch--jalepeno poppers to take to the game all by himself. I did not help. I did not do a thing but sample them before he left the house with his friend, A.

H.J., A.E. and I attended another birthday party and had a wonderful time. George's party was complete with a fire truck! We rode it, sprayed the hose, tried on the fireman gear (toddler-sized, real-looking gear!) and ate lots of cake and ice cream. And I did not let that be their dinner. That wouldn't be right. Nope, not me!

Lou Lou came over to help me make homemade ice cream for A.E.'s birthday party which was yesterday on Sunday afternoon. Yes, we had a "Sundae" party on Sunday! (hee hee) Oh, and we had the Auburn game on, too.

But the biggest news, today A.E. turned three-years-old! We celebrated with a trip to the doctor and lunch with Nana and Papa.

Growth alert:
  • A.E.-28 pounds and 35 inches tall
  • H.J.- 21 pounds, 2 ounces and 31 inches tall

I'll post more about the party later. C. and I are both ill. Headaches, sinus problems and too much sugar!

Funniest words today: "Oh no, the balloon died!" regarding the post-party limp pinkies.

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svandyke said...

Sounds like Anson & Chad have a standing date for the Auburn home football games. Can't wait to see the party pics from the Sundae party. Very cute idea!