Something Light and Fluffy

Frequently, C. and I try to eat dinner together before we put the girls down for bed. Because the girls eat around 5:30, they usually don't join us or I give them a snacky dessert while we eat to keep them occupied and happy.

Tonight they each had a bowl of marshmallows and were standing at the ottoman to eat them. C. and I blessed our food and began to eat. We then heard A.E. begin to sing, "Jesus Loves Me". Then, she bowed her head over her bowl and began to bless her marshmallows.

H.J. took this opportunity to take some of A.E.'s marshmallows. Halt prayer.

A.E. began again, "Dear God, thank you for this day..."


"Dear God, thank you for..."


"No, H.J.!"

So much for that.

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Carrie said...

How funny. I was eating pretzels the other day and Brodie made me pray before eating EACH pretzle stick. After singing God our Father.. 5 times I had had enough pretzels. I guess that is a way to watch what you eat. Prayer before every bite!