Proof That My Husband IS As Funny As Will Ferrell

Warning: Picture Overload!

A.E.'s new training panties-she does not always wear them correctly

Grandpa Jones' Pumpkin Patch

Collosal Pumpkins

Sisters Working Together

Papa Pulls Our Pumpkins

A.E.'s Perfectly Round Find

H.J.'s Helping

A.E. In Search Of The Perfect Cinderella Pumpkin

Chasing Through The Corn Rows

An H.J.-size Pumpkin

The Pig Hill Of Fame

Col. Poole Himself Greets H.J.
The Pigmobile

Col. Poole Entertains- you can see the life-size cutout of him on the left side of the photo wearing the same suit!

The "Angry" Pig, As A.E. Called It

One Of My Current Favorite Pics

Getting Painted

Following Directions Well

Checking Out The Finished Princess

A.E. Trying To Keep H.J. Away From The Deer

Daddy Tries to Fit

The Girls Ready To Ride The Train
Nana Fit In The Train

Clogging Ladies-?????????????

Camels For Your Riding Pleasure

Camel Taking a Rest
Up Close with Camel



Gone, Sleeping Beauty

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