No Longer In My Hands

I found this post that I began and never finished.  It was just after the elections. Please feel free to add in the comments section what is no longer in YOUR hands.

So last week I went to try and go vote, twice. I didn't make it because the lines were so long. No longer in my hands.

Yesterday I went and had no problem. No wait. No worries. No longer in my hands.

I am glad all the commercials and banners and debates are done. It has really made me feel pessimistic. Both sides of the political scene are NOT without fault in making the political campaign so disgusting. Those Jim Martin and Saxby Chambliss ads were really over-the-top. If you live in Georgia, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. No longer in my hands.

The winners have been announced. No longer in my hands.

I've been amazed at the response of many Christians across the nation. Many are praying (or at least saying they're praying) more than ever. I wonder if God's calling us to Him through these times. I wonder if Americans are being called closer to Him through this huge prayer movement. Are we now called to realize that the government is not controlling our lives and neither are we? No longer in my hands.


Lisa said...

That's been the best part of all of this to me. The realization, again, that the I am not in control and neither are any of the people running our country. It's good to be reminded of that often.

The baby I carry is not in my hands.

(Great pics of your ski trip!)

Southern Fried Gal said...

Wow - what an insightful post! Thanks for sharing!