Taking One for the Team

This season for The Daddy and me has been pretty rough. I'm talking about our respective football seasons. Living in the South, the Fall can be a time of rejoicing as well as a time of disappointment. It can be a time of good food, good friends, and good memories. This season has been pretty rough.

In my profile I mention that I was once a crazed UT (that's TENNESSEE, ya'll) fan. It's been hard watching football since we've had children. My trips to Knoxville slowly dwindled as we took more and more trips down to the plains of Auburn. The Daddy used to get season tickets before our children were born. We used to love snuggling up on the couch and watching our teams battle it out with other SEC powerhouses. We used to plan gatherings based on which team was playing which and when. We used to dress in orange on a regular basis, for goodness sakes!

C.'s love of Auburn has not dwindled, but I know he's been disappointed with a team that was picked to win the SEC West who has struggled and fought for each win it's gotten. My love hasn't exactly dwindled, but it's been hard for me as well. I went to UT during the Peyton Manning years. I didn't have to experience this much heartache except each year when we played Florida. Those darn Gators!

This year, I have hardly even looked forward to Saturdays. I don't watch College Gameday, much. I have been really out of the loop when it comes to the players, the coaches, and the thrill of autumnal Saturdays.

Going through this down-season, I recognize that I've experienced the same ups and downs in my short walk as a Christian. I accepted Christ on January 15, 2002. Since then, I have gotten married, become a wife (two entirely different things), worked as a teacher, struggled (somewhat) to get pregnant the first time, had another child 18 months after the first, gained 60 pounds, lost 60 pounds, gained 40 pounds, lost 40 pounds, celebrated birthdays, celebrated new jobs, moved to a new house, and experienced countless peaks and valleys. I've sung God's praises while all things were well, and I've cried out to God when I couldn't see His presence.

It's so much easier to root for your team when they're winning. Is it easier to "root" for God when all is well in your life?

I've got to come back to this topic. I haven't really thought it through, but I know it's a good one. I'm going to need to do some reading. In The Word. Because I forgot to tell you...

My Bible Study is on hiatus until...February, possibly March. AAAAAACCCCKKKK! Now I'm going to need to be responsible for my own Bible reading? Guess I'm going back to the two books that I haven't finished from last year.

So even though it's a down season, I'm going to cheer on our teams this weekend. Go Vols! and WAR EAGLE!

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Stacy said...

Nice. War Eagle...it was in ALL CAPS.
Miss you!