Thank You, GA Power!

On Friday, I took H.J. took Scottish Rite to have some ultrasound testing done on her abdominal area to rule out any real digestive issues as the cause of her slow weight gain. See HERE to read about our eating issues. She was a true trooper and was so cooperative! When we got to the exam room, the technician asked me if H.J. liked The Wiggles. I told her we're not really up at that hour, but she probably would enjoy them. I figured she wanted to know because she was going to turn the television on to distract our 19-month-old child while she poked and prodded her.

Sidebar: Am I the only one who thought ultrasounds HURT? Maybe it was the full bladder, but I remember the feeling of wanting to scream "Could you push on my child(and me) a little HARDER?"

The technician did not turn on the television, but instead she offered us FREE TICKETS TO SEE THE WIGGLES! Oh, and they weren't just FREE TICKETS! They were in a LUXURY SUITE! I said, "Yes, please!" So today, after church we picked up Papa, had lunch and headed to the show.

The tickets were actually in the GA Power suite, and I have no way to know who to personally thank for the free entertainment. Any suggestions?

We had a blast. The girls paid attention about as long as you would expect a 3-year-old and 19-month-old to pay attention. I was glad we didn't have to pay for the tickets, honestly. I'm thinking children closer to 4 years of age might be able to appreciate the whole experience more.

We did escape with only one souvenir per child. Thank you, Papa! We selected the flashing glow stick flashlight thingy with each character on it. I was tempted to select the Dorothy hat with the matching dinosaur tail, but thought a flashy thingy might be fun to play with in the bathroom while sitting on the potty in the dark.

Potty update: We're still struggling with good days and bad. I believe next week we will abandon the pull ups, with the exception of naps and nighttime. We are making progress: A.E. went pee pee in the potty at the arena and at Nana and Papa's house today. Dry the rest of the day. Tomorrow is another day...

H.J.: I could get used to THIS!

A.E. and Mama with H.E. absorbed in her stickers

Here come The Wiggles!

At the end of the show and ready to GO!


AmandaHoyt said...

Looks like you all had fun!
Hugs and prayers,

Stacie said...

That's so awesome. I think Mary Alice would have lost all her marbles if she saw The Wiggles live. Your seats were great. Did the ultrasound results reveal anything?

Beth said...

We took Elizabeth to see the Wiggles, she loves them thanks to handy me down tapes from my brother Steven. Will keep you guys in our prayers for good test results and answers.

Felicia said...

It looks like the girls had great time! Isabell would have totally freaked out! What a great gift!