Double Date

Uncle C and his girlfriend Alyson accompanied us on a date last night.  Oh, the joy of leaving all the knives in place!  Ordering appetizers- YES, I said appetizerS- and taking our sweet time! The joy of eating our food while it's warm!  The joy of only going to the bathroom when someone really has to go!  The joy of not cutting up food into little bite-sized pieces!  

It's the little things in life, really, folks.

So, the food was amazing!  

We ate HERE.

Not only was the food amazing, but the atmosphere was great.  The decor made me want to move right in or redecorate our whole house.

By night:

By day:

It was crisp, clean, and simply decorated for the holidays.  Large cedar wreaths with WIDE chocolate satin ribbon bows.  White lights.  Gorgeous.

The appetizers: wow.  WOW.   WOW!  That's more like it!  Angry mussels. Wood-burning fire toasted bread.  We asked for more. Farmstead cheeses, almonds drizzled with honey and the thinnest little apples slices.

I enjoyed the beet, avocado and goat cheese salad with the salmon as my entree.  The salmon had a delicious winter artichoke and was served with potato dumplings.  Yum.

The guys had shrimp and grits.

Alyson had the grouper with kale and pureed cauliflower.

Then we went to the movies.  We saw Will Smith in Seven Pounds.  It was entertaining.  A good night had by all!


Catholic Runner said...

Yum, I've eaten lunch there. Very good. Was the movie a good interesting or a bad interesting?

Stacie said...

I ate there last summer on a girls night out. It is really good. Do you eat the white macaroni and cheese (probably not I know). It's a side item. It is so amazingly good. I'm salivating just thinking about it.