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The Ornament Exchange

It's a very subtly competitive tradition. Everyone wants their ornament to get "stolen". That way you know you have good taste. Should you wrap your present in a deceptive way? Should you have the exclusive store you found your ornament in gift wrap for you? It's a shoe-in to be picked! Should you bring a dud just to mix it up a bit? I'm always tempted, but my competitive nature gets the better of me.

This year I let the competition in my spirit out and just let the spirit of the season take over. It felt much better to be honest. I grabbed an ornament out of the bin at Hobby Lobby and was done with it. I gave away my "winner" I bought last year to a dear friend last month and let all that ugly competitive junk out.

Each year after Christmas, I search for next year's ornament for half-off prices. I would tell you my favorite place to shop post-fa-la-la-la, but then you might get ahead of me in line. Oh, yes a line will form before the doors open. One year, I saw a teacher I worked with, but we never let the name of the store pass our lips when we saw each other next. Another year, I saw Lou-Lou's MIL and SIL enjoying some great deals on chic steals. I almost didn't recognize or acknowledge their presence in my shopping high.

Oh, yes. It is that good. I scoped out the store this week on H.J.'s and my day-date while A.E. was in MMO. I've got a mental list of where to bolt when the doors open. I just hope they don't change the floor plan on me. Ornaments were already 25% off. I hope one of the three I want will be there next Friday.

So this year, we met again at Claudia's warm and decked-to-the-halls home. Here are some pics of the scene and the scene stealers. That's the ladies. Us. You know.

What treasures lie within?

Don't you love Claudia's live tree and fresh arrangements on the mantel?

A beautiful table scape

In the dining room

Another table in the living room

Felicia, Carrie, Mama, and Stacy B.

Another Stacie, Ashely, Kelly T. , and Heather H.

Kellye R. and Emily

Another Heather H. and Kelly T.

The Whole Gang- all a-smiles!

The Whole Gang with their ornaments

My Treasure from the evening
My Treasures on earth
My Treasure forever


JanMary said...

This ornament exchange looks lots of fun - I have never heard of one here in N Ireland. Maybe I will have one next year with my friends.

Do you set a price limit on how much to spend the ornaments?

Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Cali Girl said...

looks like a fun night!

so, whats this top secret store? im dying to know.... :o)

Mrs. Darling said...

I came over from boomamas tour I believe it was. I have to comment on this post though because I cant leave here without telling you what beautiful table settings you have. I love the depth of color and richness of it all.