It's Ba-aaaaaaack!

Wednesday's Word!
And now back to our regularly scheduled program, folks...

So last semester (love that I think I'm still in college, people?), I took Mom's Club with Mary Tabb.  Well, Mom's Club is again offered for our Winter quarter, but IT DOESN'T START UNTIL MARCH!

In the meantime, I thought I'd take another short study offered at our church on Wednesday mornings.  You may have heard of The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.  I thought, oh, I have that book; it was good; I'll do that; nothing like reminding yourself what you could be doing to help out your marriage, but AREN'T.  

Love my thought process?  That's it.  That's my brain.  That's how I work.

Sooooooooooooooo, in this poor economy, I didn't want to have to buy another book for a Bible study, so I went with the one I already had.  And my friends were taking.  Nothing like a little going along with the crowd for spiritual upliftment.  My awesome new MAC has just informed me that "upliftment" is not a word.  I didn't think so.

The girls and I got out the door 15 minutes later than I had planned, but laid-back Mommy (she doesn't exist very often, only comes out to play on very rare occasions and is not often sighted when The Daddy is in range) kept it cool and managed to get to church late but happy.  Walking into a room full of people and a new teacher/facilitator is not my strong suit, but I just walked right up to the front of the room (because I didn't want to sit behind a pole) and sat down.

The world didn't end!  Praise the Lord!  I was late and the Earth still revolves!  Hallelujah!

After surveying the crowd, I noticed a wonderful assortment of women from different age groups, experience in marriage, number of children, etc.  I sensed that we are going to have some great discussions.  

I'll have to share with you our first lesson tomorrow.  I just don't have the strength for it tonight.  I didn't tell you before, but I'm training for a half marathon.  I've been trying to keep it on the down-low (do people still say that?  correction:  do cool people still say that?) in case I got uninspired.  But now I can shout it:  I HAVE PAID MY MONEY TO RUN 13.1 MILES ON MARCH 29th.  No backing out now.

I'll see you tomorrow with some pearls of wisdom.  From the $17 workbook that this study suggests we own.  And spend 45 minutes 5 days a week reading/devoting/praying to.  Aaaawk. Didn't see that one coming!  I thought it would be a review of something I already "knew".  I guess God's got other plans for me.  

Nothing like getting stressed in the new year.  Anyone want to join me?

It can only make us stronger.  

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Catholic Runner said...

I've heard that Stormie Omartians book are good but I haven't read any.

45 minutes!! I know I should but sometimes it seems hard to do even 5 minutes and I know that's so wrong...