Merry Christmas!

AE's purchase 

Paired with a princess dress (that is a happy face, believe it or not!)

HJ's purchase

AE tries to help HJ "bounce" on the worm

For Christmas, The Daddy's Uncle J. got each of the girls a gift card to a big toy store. Yesterday, our big outing involved two kid favorites:  the toy store and a fast food restaurant with an indoor playground. Because, YA'LL, it snowed here in GEORGIA yesterday.  For five minutes.  

So it's cold here, I know not as bad as elsewhere in the US right now, but for us Southerners it's been like a real winter the past few days.  So shorts while doing my weekly long-run outside today was a mistake.

Anyway...  We had fun selecting gifts for the girls.  We had fun blocking our arteries.  We had fun on the indoor energy burner.  We had fun playing with our new things after church today, and we're relaxing for the rest of the day.

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