We're Dorks!

Truly in dork fashion, The Daddy informed me that I misquoted ourselves: It is, "Brrrrrrr! It's cold in here.  There must be some Toros in the atmosphere!"  Thank you very much.

Something on t.v. tonight prompted the following exchange between The Daddy and me:

On t.v.:  It's cold in here.

Mama: It's cold.  It's cold in here.

The Daddy: There must be some Toros in the atmosphere.

Baby, it's cold and we are old!

If you know what movie we were quoting, you can't make fun of us.  If you don't know, count yourselves lucky.

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Stacie said...

Bring It On Baby! I won't make fun of you as I know the movie and have seen it many times. I mean it's on TV often and it's so good, I mean bad, I mean good.