Last Wednesday's Word

So, better late than never?

Let's start with my favorite point from the week:

God has a purpose for our suffering, but it does not necessarily have to continue on forever.

It kinda brings me back to the idea that all we are served in life will strengthen us, IF WE HAVE THE RIGHT ATTITUDE about it all. (Meaning no more pity parties for me.)

This week's study was all about praying for your husband's choices, protection, health, relationships, and fatherhood. Here is a list because I ran six miles today and don't have the brain power to formulate paragraphs.

  • Stormie started in Deuteronomy 30:19-20. Our will is our own, and God has made it clear: we are to make our own, right choices. So we should pray for our husbands to make good choices in all areas of his life, our life.
  • Praying is better than telling and even politely suggesting. Genesis 21:12 reminds husbands to listen to their wives, but we as wives need to pray for our husbands to hear us and understand us.
  • A wife's words are seeds planted in a husband's heart. 
  • Even if a husband makes a bad decision, continue to pray for god to make good out of the situation. (There goes having a good attitude despite our circumstances!)
  • God sometimes uses physical ailments to get our attention! 
  • God wants us to have good relationships with Him, wives with husbands, husbands with wives, with our children, with our coworkers, with in-laws,  with neighbors, and with friends.
  • The way to becoming a good father is having a good relationship with THE FATHER. Pray for your husband's relationship with the Lord in order to better his relationship with your kids. 
Now, Stormie had on a really distracting outfit during this video session, so I may not have gotten as much as I could have out of it. I mean, the sparkles! Whoa. If you were there, you know what I'm talking about. Whew.

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Lori said...

lol that you mentioned the sparkles... whew, you are right tho DISTRACTING!!! :o)