we've been in Utah for the last week. I'm doing laundry, cleaning out the fridge, making a new grocery list, clipping coupons, cooking breakfast, catching up on the 187 blog entries I missed while I was without computer access last week, wasting time on facebook, and listening to Caillou entertain my children.

And I gained 5 pounds of "muscle" while we were skiing last week.  Yea! ~sarcasm~

Back to eating like a normal person, running, cleaning, wiping noses, shuttling, Bible study (sorry we missed last week's Word), and playing. 

I'll share some fun from our big family trip this evening. Gotta sort through the thousands of pictures. And attempt to upload the video we have of AE skiing. Yes, she's three, and she went skiing!

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Lisa said...

You guys are big travelers! I can't believe your 3 year-old was up on skis. Guess that's the best time to start though. Fun times! Can't wait to see pictures.