No Bath Night

Over the weekend we indulged ourselves with some family time. Ah.

Saturday morning brought banana pancakes, as usual and a trek to the Chattahoochee River Park. Sans stroller, no less. In retrospect we should have used at least the single stroller. AE handled the 1 mile walk well, but HJ suffered a little road rash. We did however encounter a multitude of dogs, runners, walkers, cyclists and various woodland/river creatures. The girls heard and saw geese, mallards and frogs/toads (still don't know the difference). The Daddy and I spotted a dam, clearly the work of beavers, and AE correctly named the animal responsible. Thank you, Curious George! If you've ever watched PBS, you know the episode I'm talking about! HA!

Later we let AE go without a nap so she could play with her friend next door, and The Daddy and I CLEANED UP THE GARAGE. It felt so good. Spring cleaning. I like it.

Sunday was church for the girls and me while The Daddy took his daddy and friends to see some good ol' racin' at the AMS. I think it was nice for The Daddy to enjoy a NASCAR event without having to work it. His friends loved it and his daddy lost hearing in one ear. While the men got burnt and sweaty, Nana and I took the girls to lunch at The Right Wing Tavern. Kinda sounds like we took them boozing. And on a Sunday, no less! There, we sat out on the porch right next to the train tracks in Downtown Woodstock, our old stomping grounds. HJ shouted, "School bus! School bus!" about 20 times. I guess local churches use them to bring in all the car-less sinners. Of course, when she says "school bus" it sounds more like "cool busssss".

All that action brought our weekend to a close, but The Daddy extended his time off from work with a sick day in bed yesterday. Poor thing. We're not sure if it's sickness or allergies. Down here in Atlanta, it's just as well spring. Pollen. I'll have to take a picture to show you. Growing up in Tennessee, I never remembered our cars getting the coat of yellow/green dust. I don't remember seeing swirls of that dust in the streets and floating down the river. I do remember the shock I got the first time I experienced the yuck it can cause, on your car, on your clothes, on your skin, in your throat. Oh, I love spring, but with it comes some serious sinus drainage.
So, anywhooooooo. 

I'm old. I'm talking about sinuses.

Today after nap time, I put the girls to work on my car. After donning bathing suits, (NOT ME THE GIRLS) we filled a bucket, soaked the car and got to scrubbing. It worked out well for me, and they had a blast! I didn't take pictures because I was too worried about HJ dunking her head in the bucket and drowning or AE sticking the hose up her nose. This activity is one we will definitely partake in again, even though we are still considered to be in a "drought". My vehicle had not seen a sponge since 2007 most likely, so we didn't give the girls a bath tonight to make up for the water lost!

In the future:
I've got another poll up my sleeve. Just getting everything ready. And I start back to MOM's Club again tomorrow. Hello, Wednesday's Word.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, did you ever get your DR chairs all in place?? I'd love to see an update if you have one! I glanced quickly at February, but didn't see anything.

Lee, Rebecca, and Claire said...

Sounds like fun! We loooove the Right Wing Tavern and eat there a lot. Isn't downtown Woodstock neat?