Make My Monday

I found a permanent home for my flea market project. 

It now rests in the butler's pantry by which I walk approximately 10, 000 times a day in my myriad of trips to the pantry to get this or that. I loved what Shannon did with her tray, so I decided to find a good place and good everyday use for mine. Now my made-over tray will do something more for me each week than just look pretty! 

Each time I walk by the pantry, I'll be working on this verse to commit it to my memory and my heart.  With Sunday's lesson in our young marrieds class at church, I felt convicted to really begin to feed myself rather than be spoon-fed my spiritual sustenance. Jeff--a talented teacher and passionate spiritual leader--spoke to us about our obedience to God. He equated our walk with that of a baby learning to eat. First we are fed just milk from our mother. That's all we can handle. As we get older, we are ready to be spoon-fed our mush. Older still, we can handle chewing solid foods and feeding ourselves. Notice I'm starting with a small bite!

I accepted Christ in 2002, and I still call myself a "new" Christian. It dawned on me that as I've grown in my walk with the Lord, I've aged. I don't have the "excuse" of being new to the faith. I don't want to see my kids grown up in an instant and be the same person in my faith that I was seven years ago. The only way to make that change is to pursue God. To feed myself.

So each week, I'm taking a verse to the tray. To commit it to memory. To be ready at a moment's notice to use God's word. To further His kingdom. To the glory of God. 

Not a bad way to start the week!


TB said...

Hi! I love this tray and what a great idea to use it to help hide God's word in your heart!!! I saw this on Shannon's Blog as well, and I have been looking for a tray all week so far!! Wish me luck in finding a good one!!

Christina said...

Your chalkboard tray is just fabulous. Love the shape of it. I like the bunny plaque too. Look forward to seeing what you do to it. I also like the punch out detail on your round tray. I found a round tray at GW on Monday. It is sorta bronze-y. I may spray paint it.

You asked where my favorite place to go for deals it. Well, I do try to get to Goodwill often, though some of the prices at our Goodwill are crazy. I love garage sale---love them. We did have a wonderful thrift store literally right around the corner from our house for years. It closed about 6 mo. ago and I miss it so much. I am still working on projects from that stash though--much to my hubby's dismay. From time to time Victoria and I will make a trip to a Goodwill or Salvation Army on the north side of Atlanta.

Good to "meet" another GA girl.

Shannon said...

It looks great here!!!

Melanieshea said...

LOVE IT THERE!!! I am visiting from Shannon's to tell you "thank you" for the idea!!! I finished my Chalkboard trays this weekend and LOVE them! I will be on the lookout for a bigger one! I adore yours.