Please Don't Blog About ________!

Every once in a while, something happens in our lives that The Daddy says, "Please don't blog about this!"

Wednesday evening was one such case.

But I didn't listen.

Our anniversary was on April 6 but The Daddy was out of town for work, so we decided to delay our celebration. 

Fast forward to this Sunday. Fresh back from my nap-time jog, he says to me, "Hey, do you want to go see this guy on Wednesday night?"

"Sure." Then I go inside to take a shower. Meanwhile, The Daddy purchases tickets online to be picked up at Will Call. Then he arranges the sitter. Done. Looking forward to it. 

Fast forward to Wednesday. Nana comes over to watch the girls. I put on clothes without stains and/or wrinkles. We make our escape departure for a dinner and a show. He was scheduled to play at a small venue in Little Five Points, so we chose a restaurant close by. I happened to have a coupon for a free meal, so we went to Front Page News. Yum. It was good.

The venue was close enough to walk, so we hoofed it over to the Variety Playhouse. Funny thing when we walked up: the marquee read "Cross Canadian Ragweed" NOT "Amos Lee."

"That's strange," muttered The Daddy. "Oh, no."

Then I saw the flyer for NEXT Wednesday's show, Amos Lee. 

The Daddy was mad, but I made him laugh. Then we both laughed. And then I laughed about it on Twitter. Then I laughed about it on Facebook. 

Oh, and now I'm laughing about it on the blog. 

So we went to Atlantic Station and walked in and out of shops, then we had some Cold Stone treats, and we called it a night. 


Lee, Rebecca, and Claire said...

Too funny! At least the evening turned out well. Happy anniversary--mine is April 6th, too. 7 years and counting : )

emilyosburne said...

Carey - Clay says the same thing to me, but he says, "Do not use this as an example in Sunday School." We have been teaching a Young Married Class and apparantly, Clay worries about what I will share!

pve design said...

Sounds like you will have many more things and years to look forward to and to laugh about. lol!

Catholic Runner said...

Love it!