A Bunch of Random "Carp"

So this week was thrown off because our exercise classes at the church are preempted by day camps. Translation: we've been aimlessly entertaining ourselves this week. (When I've not been subjecting my child to shots in the mouth and laughing gas.)

I left my wallet in The Daddy's car, so my plans to do some last minute shopping for a party I'm hosting this weekend were thwarted. HEY, let's go visit Daddy! So we did. Then we went to:

The girls tried on several beds:

I don't think I could do THIS much PINK!

The Frog Prince Room:

Lunch for 3: $3.50!

In other adventures, we did some finger painting. I thought I'd clean up HJ first because AE is sooooooooooo much more mature. She certainly wouldn't make a mess an even bigger mess. She called it her makeup.

Ready for her close-up:

And finally here's a hint about the party I'm throwing with three other couples for a beautiful bride-to-be. 

It's our last wedding shower for a dear friend and we are going to BLOW IT OUT! I'm super excited about the shindig and I'll tell you ALL ABOUT IT next week. For now, I'm signing off the computer for the remainder of the week and weekend. I may tweet a little, but I'll be "offline" so to speak for the next four days. 


Southern Fried Gal said...

Yum - love a cf boil - so fun!

David said...


Tara G. said...

Um, that cinnamon rolls looks great!