No Turning Back

A favorite shot from the weekend of celebrating

Tausha is moving to Jackson, Tennessee from her beloved hometown of Bristol. Here she is with her groom now-husband, Harbert steps away from the reception location. I love how she is looking back, maybe taking one last glimpse of her past before she steps into her new role as a wife. 

I'll post more on our weekend, but I thought I'd give a taste of what we witnessed: love, tradition and two distinguished families coming together as one.


Anonymous said...

Carey and Chad,

I LOVE that picture! Thank you for helping to make the weekend so special for me and Harbert. Carey, you did such a beautiful job with the scripture, and it made it so meaningful. I cannot wait to see the other pics from the weekend!

Take care,

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love it! That's a frame-r for her FOR SURE! Absolutely beautiful!