Why did this sight make me cry this week?

A) I'm hormonal.
B) Those socks had an atrocious smell.
C) The socks weren't arranged by color.
D) Every sock in there is now too small for HJ and I had to pack them away with all the "hypothetical next baby" things.

Please answer in the comments section below, phriends!


Dana said...


I come to you from Five Mockingbirds. If it were my drawer, I would be crying because they are all matched up! Tears of joy!

But, not knowing you at all, but being a mother myself, my guess would be D.. I just realized that I'm going to have to soon move my oldest daughter's clothes to adult hangers. That was a milestone I had not yet considered. sniff sniff..

Dana Ellis

Tara G. said...

I like my socks arranged by color, too. And the shirts in my closet. ROYGBIV. I'm all about it. :)

Lindy said...

Maybe all of the above? I like things in color order too. My closet, my shoes, etc. I can also imagine that realizing that something is too small for my youngest child would make me want another.

Stacie said...

Well my first instinct was D since I know you've had baby fever a bit. I don't really see you as a socks arranged by color girl but perhaps I'm wrong. However I do know you are a clean person so if by chance the sock drawer smelled I could see that it would cause tears. Hormones are always a good reason to cry. I'll stick with my first answer and say "D".

Lisa said...

Any mom knows the answer is D, and its so tough cause it sneaks up on you and you can't prepare. I mean, a SOCK drawer. How in the world could you know you'd have to be emotionally ready to put those little things away. BUT, "A" is just as good a reason, too. :)

Catholic Runner said...

I pick D. As a mother of a 13yr old I cired yesterday watching the Walmart commercial where the daughter goes off to college.

The 10K Classic, is that the one that runs down Cobb Parkway? I haven't run that one. That one scares me!

Marie said...

Mama - I know the answer is probably D. But just for fun I'm going to through in an "E" answer too and say it's because of the lone pair of black socks in the middle. It doesn't match the rest and you're too frugal to throw it away!


Lou Lou said...

I say "E" because none of them are blue for boy.