Strike Up the Band

Last Thursday, we packed up again and headed for the mountain town of Elijay, Georgia. Nana and Papa took care of the girls, the crazy dog and me while The Daddy was out of town again for work. We did the same trip last year and had a splendid time absorbing small town America for our Fourth of July.

First we went to a parade.
Before the parade got there, the sirens were L-O-U-D!

Papa consoling HJ.

No parade is complete without Uncle Sam.

Very clever idea, but this one cracks me up. I love that one girl is carrying her cell phone. 

Forgive us. We live in the South. 

These fellas were mighty loud.

They were in the parade last year too, so we prepared the girls for the cannon-like booms coming from their shotguns!

Southern belles following their soldiers.

HJ sucking on a lollipop while afraid of all the noise.

She still managed to watch the parade through veiled eyes!

AE took it all in (especially the candy!)

She spots a BIG birthday cake. (When asked, the cake was her favorite part of the parade. Not cake she ate, but a big, plastic, fake cake.)

There were lots of local businesses with cool old cars in the parade. 

A band on a flat bed playing patriotic music. (my favorite part of the parade)

I thought this little guy was too cute to NOT take a picture of him!

Herbie on steroids!

Horses! The girls were a little disappointed though.

They didn't get to see...

...any of the horses defile the streets like last year.

After the parade we headed up to Blue Ridge, just a bit up the road to peruse downtown, have lunch and visit the Apple Barn at Mercier Orchards. The peaches are in, and they are delicious. We got some fried pies and apple bread to take home with us.

No Fourth is complete without watermelon.

The adults ate kabobs, while the girls anticipated the fireworks.

You woke me up for this? (and evidently I forgot to clean her face!)

AE was ready for the show.

We picked up these sweatshirts because the low temp the night before was 58*. It ended up not being as cold on Saturday. 

Sweet sisters! 

HJ ended up in my lap watching through veiled eyes again and AE found another little girl to talk to while the fireworks boomed. I'm thinking next year, both girls will anticipate the fun we had this year. 

Even if the horses don't poop in front of us.


Linda said...

Hey, Don't apologize for the Confederate flag - it's part of our heritage and history! Linda :)

Lindy said...

Everytime we go to our cabin in Ellijay we go to Blue Ridge. Have you ever been to Serenity Cafe in Blue Ridge? Their chicken salad sandwiches and lobster bisque are amazing! We also love the drive-in movie theatre in Blue Ridge. Your girls would love it!

Tara G. said...

How fun!!