First Day, Stay, Way, Pay, Hay, Clay, Lay, Bay, May, Say!

The backpacks were full and ready today...

Big Sis gave a hug to tell Lil' Sis it's ok!

HJ wasn't ready to go at all, but

AE was ready to have a ball!

She smiled for the camera by the tree, 

ready to meet her teacher-to-be.

When I asked this little one to smile, 

all she did was snarl 

all the while.

Then she went in for a dig 
or was it imitating a pig?

After school was done, 

we went out for some fun.

She climbed atop the castle, 

with the aid of a prince

and gave her "most loudest" call

to tell them all

these girls are going to have a really great Fall!

And after all that, will you please still be my friend? 

I promise, I won't rhyme again!

Kudos to those who can name the movie the rhyming words came from in this post's title!!!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love the rhyming!
And the girls are adorable- booger picking and all!
I'm going to guess Happy Gilmore, but I could be wrong.

Sabrina said...

How about billy madison? Love the pictures of the girls!

Katie said...

So sweet! Looks like they had a great first day!

Amy R said...

Isn't it My Fair Lady? I love that tulip dress! your girls are so sweet. Our first day is Monday.