Wind Beneath My Wings

I feel like invoking a little Bette Midler today. Last evening, I was surrounded by friends and covered in prayer for The Daddy's and my upcoming trip to Botswana. Several ladies couldn't make it, so I thought I would share with you what I shared with them last night as my prayer requests. 

One request that I neglected to put on the list is this: Pray that we will leave our lives here in comfy, suburban Atlanta behind. Pray that we will let all the worries and craziness of our lives behind so that we may focus on our mission at hand and heart. Pray that each day will indeed take care of itself and not to worry. There are a few things going on that have complicated our lives right now. I haven't shared everything, but when the time is right, I will. 

For the home front-

  • Health and safety for the girls while we’re away
  • Health and safety for The Daddy’s parents while they care for AE and HJ
  • No seizures or “accidents” for Bailey, AKA The Crazy Dog while he’s with Clay and Emily

On the traveling side of things-

  • Smooth departures and arrivals
  • I get really nervous going through security for some reason? Pray for peace.
  • Rest on the plane
  • Adjustment to time change- 6 hours difference

 In the spiritual spectrum-

  • To draw closer to God through this experience
  • To gain confidence in the Cross
  • To be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • To die to myself
  • To have a servant heart and attitude
  • To see needs and be able to fill them
  • To fight any doubt planted by Satan

 For our marriage-

  • To rely on each other for support in this experience
  • To draw closer to God and each other through this experience together
  • To apply David and Denise’s presentations to our own marriage and parenting

 On the social side-

  • For an open heart to listen and understand
  • To be able to share our faith with authenticity
  • To build relationships and see our common issues
  • Understanding and being able to pronounce names
  • Let the cultural differences fall away and be able to see God at work

 Trip Friends- Please pray for our team by name!

  • Jeff and Brenda
  • Lyn and Patrice (JUST got word last hour that they won't be able to go! So sad, but God must have a better plan for them!)
  • Ken and Jamie
  • Barrett and Jenifer
  • Laurel 
Thanks to sweet Stacie, Carrie, Stacy, Claudia, Krysta, Kellye, Felicia, and Molly for your prayers. They will carry us over an ocean and into this experience strengthened beyond words. 


Stacie said...

It is a privilege to pray for you and to be your friend.

Lou Lou said...

When we got home from dinner that night Ans and I went on a walk and we decided to pray for your trip for one whole street....of course the street I picked was uphill so my prayers were muffled by my panting, but I still think they were heard!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Will be praying for all these specific needs and names!