A Whole Lot of Something

Not a lot of blogging going on here, but here's what's been going on:
  • I consented to letting the moving company pack for me. Just can't do it by myself. Tough. Very tough to give away that control for me. Whew. 
  • It has rained. A lot.
  • We had a birthday party for a certain 4-year-old. I neglected to take any pictures of the food, the cake, the games, the favors, our family of four humans, etc. Yea! A birthday to remember!
  • I got to hang out with my dad for several days. He entertained the girls while it rained and rained and rained. 
  • The girls missed preschool/MMO two days this week because of the flooding in Atlanta. Thankfully, we had no problems with flooding in our immediate area, but just down the road in Austell, there has been devastation. 
  • I've been sorting, organizing, making piles and tossing stuff out in preparation for the packers. Thus, I found this brilliant picture, forcing me to take a break from the pits of the picture pile-up that never got organized in the last two years since we last moved-

The Daddy and I on our first date!

I will leave you to ponder a few questions:
  1. Am I really that short?
  2. Why wasn't I wearing heals?
  3. Or am I?
  4. Is The Daddy really that tall?
  5. Do I look good in leather?
  6. Just how long and curly WAS my hair?
  7. How skinny were we?
  8. Why did The Daddy just last month finally get rid of that there fleece?
  9. Where do you think we went for a romantic dinner that night?
  10. How cool was The Daddy to point out at the restaurant that I had lipstick on my teeth?
  11. Isn't it amazing to think that this is the evening when The Daddy shared his testimony with me and led me to this realization?
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Stacie said...

Hey, don't knock the shortys of the world. You've got a few inches on me. Perhaps you are wearing heels. Maybe heeled boots since it looks like cool weather based on your outfits. Of course you look good in leather. We all looked hot in our black leather jackets back in the day. I know I still have mine. Perhaps I'll whip it out this winter. Love your hair. It's a glimpse as what my daughter's hair will look like in 20 years. We were all skinnier pre marriage and kids ;0)

Janelle said...

ahhh, being short....ahh, being a bit heavier post-kids! good thing we have good men to love us anyway! :) read the link...that was a beautiful post carey...what a story and testimony to God's faithfulness and Chad's faith.

Liz McKee said...

Inquiring minds want to know - where DID you go to dinner?!?!?
This is adorable! What an awesome story.

Tara G. said...

We have quite a few packs under our belts- if you'd like any suggestions to prep for your movers, I'd be happy to share. Our next is coming up in a couple of months- one pack out for overseas and another for the things staying in storage for 3 years. And then living out of suitcases for 4 months...


Lisa said...

Looking at the picture, I thought it was even surprising that a picture got taken that night. Why did you think to take a picture?

Very neat testimony. God truly has no limits.

It must be nice going through things and getting RID of stuff, so you can start somewhat fresh where you go. I can't even think about moving out of our house...way too overwhelming!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Im short too..oh my~

Neil and Julie said...

I just found your blog and I have enjoyed reading your posts! You have inspired me to do some more blogging (maybe about crafts, and old pictures I run across *laugh*!) You said to send you some love, so here it is: I love your blog!