First Day of School, AGAIN

The Daddy lived in our new city for his elementary school years, so we know a few things about where to go and whatnot. One thing I was really concerned about was getting out of the rhythm of preschool for the girls. They both had hit a stride back in Atlanta, and I didn't want either one to decide school wasn't for them.

Last week we made it a priority to get them introduced, oriented and registered for preschool/Mom's Day Out. We found a great school at the church The Daddy went to during his childhood residence.

Here the girls are in front of the playground this morning before we went in. The SUN was so bright and right in their eyes. I stood in front of them to help their eyes resist popping out of their sockets.

I love this sweet close up of the sisters:

Here is AE in her new classroom. Miss Allison and Miss Melanie gave wonderful reports of AE's first day. She even ate ONE bite of turkey, just like Mama asked her to do!

In even bigger news, we made progress in the bathroom department. Watch out, it might get messy here! AE, get THIS, had her first public bowel movement! If you know us or have read any of our POTTY TRAUMA, you'll know that this was a big step in advancement for our first born.

I didn't get any pictures of HJ in her classroom because I didn't want to upset the rhythm. She walked right in, hugged her teacher and went to playing. I said goodbye and slipped out.

What big girls!

HJ got a good report this afternoon, too. She only got a little afraid at music time, but she got over it once she realized she could dance, dance, dance to the music!

School Hours for AE: 8:30-3:00
School Hours for HJ: 9:00-3:00

Lunchtime AND nap time at school!

A TRUE mom's day out!

A half-hour after we got home, this was the scene:

Obviously, no naps happened today! We'll see what happens on Thursday...


Tara G. said...

You're adjusting! And you've only been gone a short time! :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

So you're sorta getting settled in down there. I know what you mean about FL being different. It totally is different. It's not really Southern, but a big old mix of people. I went to college down there (in Lakeland) and got tired of the sand. I think you'll see what I mean. and the lack of change of seasons drove me crazy too.

But, I hope things work out great for your family & you get settled in. Blessings! I'm still trying to figure out where you are, but you're probably not sharing that on the blog.