The Grande Finale- Halloween Overkill

I got out of the car for this one!

Look at those freaky fellows and dame on the porch!

This guy was hanging in the trees amidst the Spanish moss.

This haunt had a friend who joined him in guarding over the driveway.

What a welcoming pair!

Really overKILL!

Really freaky!

Scary even in the daylight hours...

I would not be caught dead at this house on Saturday night!

I wonder what's going on inside that house?

Really, have you ever seen such a display?

And that, folks, ends our tour through Halloween town.

Aren't you glad it's over?

Taking a break from the computer this weekend. I MIGHT post pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes, but I MIGHT just enjoy our weekend at Disney World with The Daddy's parents, Nana and Papa.



Carrie said...

Well, wow...that's just about all I can say for that house! Yikes! Who in the world would let their kids trick-or-treat there?! Y'all have fun at Disney.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

WOW! That IS a little overkill- pun intended.
Have a WONDERFUL time at Disney!! YAY! Can you trick or treat there? I'm sure you can. Wonder what kind of goodies Mickey has at his house?

Worth The Price said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your blog!!! I stalked it from Pack of Ramseys...and you are a tweeter too??? I will officially have to follow you!! Thanks for all the spiritual reminders that we so desparately need! Keep up the awesome blog and good luck on your home hunt!

Laura Price

Worth The Price said...
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