And Now a Time of Reflection


Remember that time we decided to move?

And then we forgot to defrost the refrigerator in the garage before the movers came?

And then said refrigerator sat in storage for a couple of months in HOT-lanta?

And then we had a "beautiful" mossy surprise inside said refrigerator?

Well, I got to clean it today.

Day #21: Take some time to stroll down memory lane

One thing I love to do with the girls is show them pictures-on the computer- of things we have done recently. Even more fun is doing a "year in review" with them, starting with Christmas last year.

They love it.

And it makes Mama a bit weepy.

But they love it.

Just a few more days now...


Tara G. said...

Oh, that stinks! Next time (if there ever is), after you defrost, put some dry coffee grounds in an old sock and put it in both sections and it'll help soak up some of the moisture and make it smell good, too. What fun pictures!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Good for you with the cleaning. Sometimes that takes much more gumption to get up the courage to do it than to actually do it!
And I know my children have no idea that they are part of a "blog", but they love looking at their pictures, too.
I don't know where they get their vanity...