Christmas Eve~ My Side of the Family

Day #12: Drive around town looking at exterior illumination

One of my favorite traditions as a little girl was getting loaded up in the family car, going out to eat for Chinese food and driving all around town looking for the best Christmas lights. Every Christmas eve we went out to eat and then drove the streets shouting, "That's my favorite!"

"Oh, no! THAT one's better!"


"Oooooooo. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

It's free and the kids adore it. The early sunset makes it easy to make our 7:30 bedtime, too.

Have you seen this photo bouncing around the Internet?
I've seen it several times so far this season, and I think we've found the best idea for our own family's exterior illumination scheme. Do you remember which house ours should be? If not, click HERE!

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David said...

CaRey, That is cruel!