Dining Room Dilemma

So friends, I didn't get to go to Atlanta last weekend. I must admit, I was pretty bummed. Snow and ice prevented me from seeing Eddie, going to Scott's and FINALLY buying some fabric for the dining room chairs.

Oh, well.

Let's talk about our new dining room, shall we?

Besides the sitting at the counter in a barstool, the only dedicated eating place is this space. It has to be kid friendly, but it's also the first room you see when you walk in the front door, so it has to be pretty, too.

See what the previous owners had going on before we moved in:
  • small oblong table (58")
  • four chairs
  • small buffet
  • parquet floors
  • off-center and hung-too-high chandelier
The Dining Room Before:

And the Dining Room Now:

And here's what we've got going on so far:

  • large rectangular table (75")
  • four chairs
  • bigger buffet
  • lamps (considering buying drum shades to update them)

This is the fabric for the chairs:

I wanted something a little more modern to help bring the chairs up-to-date and make them less FAHN-CEEEE. I also wanted something with some texture to hide grease stains from little hands.

Which leaves this fabric for the window panels:

I love toile, but I wasn't bold enough to choose it for the chairs. I figure if I make curtains with it, I could take them down and make dresses for the girls if I get sick of it on the walls. Call me Scarlet!

I want a new chandelier. This one is new, but the glass "shades" are splatter painted. Me no-likey. But, if you heard me correctly, I said I "want" which means it won't change for a while.

I'm not going to bother with a rug until our children cease to throw food spill food on the floor.

It's only been a year of planning. Maybe I'll get it done this time!

What room have you been putting off until later?


Krysta said...

I've been putting off our master bedroom. I had a beautiful master bedroom until I got a King size bed. The first plan did not succeed and I have yet to find a new idea that I love. One day I will find inspiration!!

Lou Lou said...

do you hate the whole chandelier or just the shades? you can always replace the glass covers at homedeopt or lowes.

Haley O'Brien said...

Looks good Carey! Take off the glass shades and buy some fabric shades- a pretty linen would look good with the fabric on the chair or even a sea grass or ratan- (ballards, Lowe's has the linen)
great look, nice and clean and so Florida! Tie a brown ribbon around your buffet lamp shades- I would go with silk- or have a decal made with your monogram or letter and stick that too them for a change!

Love toile- USE it!

Kelli said...

I love both fabric choices! Chandy is pretty...new shades?

michael moebes, esq. said...

When you come to Atlanta, you should come to Deb's store at whipstitchfabrics.com!