If I don't post for a week, can you guess what I've been doing?

a. Morning (all-day) sickness
b. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
c. Preparing a house for guests
d. Hosting guests
e. Doing everyone in the household's laundry
f. NOT planning a certain 3-year-old's birthday party
g. Buying a maternity bathing suit
h. Going crazy with two toddlers on Spring Break
i. Taking a three-day vacation with The Daddy to Captiva Island
j. Celebrating Papa's birthday, which just so happens to coincide with THE CRAZY DOG'S birthday
k. Making new curtains for the dining room
l. Trying to find out the sex of this little Baby C to no avail
m. Getting all burnt up on the beach
n. Eating all the Easter candy single-handedly
o. Meeting with our contractor to discuss "my needs"
p. Searching the internet for a bathtub I like that DOESN'T cost $5,ooo (like the one I originally picked! yikes!)
q. Enjoying food so divine that I will forever compare all subsequent mediocre meals to it
r. Riding around in a golf cart while The Daddy got his golf on
s. Taking pictures of The Daddy on the golf course from every possible angle
t. Planning, shopping for and "whipping together" a birthday party for HJ (to which everyone invited came, though invitations went out one week prior to party!)
u. Polishing off birthday cake in record time
v. Hugging and kissing my birthday girl
w. Vowing to never buy pull-ups again
x. Preparing myself for the potty training to begin tomorrow
y. Surveying the construction that has begun in the back yard (footers are set for the foundation to be poured! Plumber comes tomorrow.)
z. Sleeping

Yes. With the exception of option a, and not necessarily in that order, that's what we've been doing.

So posts to come this week:
  • HJ's party
  • The Daddy's and my trip to Captiva Island
  • Pre-construction pictures and plans
  • Baby C's gender! Make your guesses now folks. The window's almost closed!
And for making it through that list, here is what happens in our car somedays:


Who is it?

It's me!

Conversations on the shoe phone! (I promise, I took all those photos while sitting at a red light!)


Lindy said...

Boy! I know it's a boy!

susanv said...

Wow ... you've been busy. Sounds familiar, except finding out the sex of our baby (We don't do that until the end of the month) and the construction. Plus, we are celebrating two kids' birthdays this week. Yikes! Happy Birthday HJ.