Our First Easter

as a family on our own!

This Easter we enjoyed a church service with some family friends then headed off to a nice hotel for brunch.

If they had put a plate full of lox alone in front of me, I would have been happy. I think I tried every meat on the buffet. Delicious!

We didn't take any pictures with our good camera. Let the phone camera woo you with its magic!

Taking a knee

Can't get the big one to look up when smiling!

Cute stuff!


Carrie said...

Love the girls sweet dresses! Looks like a fun day.

H-Mama said...

I'm in love with their dresses! Taking a pic where everyone is looking the same direction is quite the task. I usually tell my girls to do the opposite {and above all else, don't smile} so they will cooperate. ;) Sounds like a great day.