It Only Took... long? 15 months? Who's counting?

The life of these chairs and our dining room began way back THEN.

When we moved, I decided to go another route:

and I declared that the previous two pictures would be THE ONES.

Well, I couldn't find one of them, so I started from scratch.

And here is where we have landed:
The above picture really shows the true colors best.

This one is good, too.

Here's an up close shot of the geometric pattern. You can see the blue AND green dots in the center of each little diamond. This fabric will wear well.

Although the color is a little golden in this shot, I like how you can see how well the two fabrics coordinate. I will be making curtains with the beautiful linen toile.

I love the birdies,

the butterflies and flowers.

See the grand scale of the pattern?

So pretty together!

This close up shows the true color of the toile. I can proudly say I got this fabric for $14.95/yd. YES! Ralph Lauren fabric for a steal! The sales associate said it easily would be $45-55/yd in another store.

Now I'm going to use the drapery tutorial HERE to make some simple panels.

We'll see. Simple?

We'll see.

P.S. Why doesn't spellcheck recognize the word "toile"? Must not be a Southern edition?


Janelle said...

LOVE the fabric!!! Looks like it will wear very well! I'm sure RL fabric would be $50+. Good job!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Stupid spell check.
And that fabric is TO DIE FOR!! Love it! great job!!