Sock Her

Last Friday, we went napless and headed out to the soccer fields at 5:30. Clearly the person who planned the game for 5:30 didn't realize that I usually feed my girls between 5:30 and 6:00. Thank goodness, it was our only Friday night game on the schedule. I think.

When we arrived, there were no jersey's in sight.

Thankfully, they arrived with just minutes to spare. We had guessed they would be white because our team name is "The Snowflakes." I guess snowflakes can be blue, too.

HJ came to the game, too.

Warming up

Love this shot! The two teams: The Sparklers vs. The Snowflakes

Pre-game prayer

Coach Michelle getting the right girls ready to start.

Guess who wanted to play goalie?

I must say I was quite nervous when she went out.

Well, I had nothing to worry about!

Ready for anything that would come her way!

Here's the first goal she stopped.

And here's the second.

And the third!

My girl was on FIRE! And then The Sparklers sent in the big guns. They did get one by my girl before she was sent to the field to try some offense.

Here she is in complete twirling action!

Best shot of her actually dribbling the ball down the field (she's number 16)

This shot is my favorite from the whole game. It perfectly sums up how much FUN AE had playing! I mean, look at that smile!

Getting ready to say good game to the opposing team:
Note: The Snowflakes are facing the wrong direction!

There we go! Good game!

I forgot to mention it, but AE did get called and whistled at for "pushing". Her coach was surprised at the fierceness! Several girls wandered off the field to pet dogs, chase bugs and whatnot. AE was pretty focused and got to take a few breaks on the sidelines.

The YMCA doesn't keep score at this age division, but we didn't win.

Unfortunately, The Daddy couldn't make it to the Friday matinee game, but he'll get to see his girl in action next time. AND all the grandparents will be here to see her too!


H-Mama said...

I seriously love her blocking stance! Too cute. :)

Tara G. said...

Adorable! And I love all the white bows in the photos!