A while back when we decided to move, I knew we'd see our friends more often than not. The trip back to Atlanta isn't too far and my in-laws still live there. I also knew that MANY of our friends would soon be embarking on the family vacation of all vacations: the trip to Disney.

So when our friends come down to this part of Florida, we'll make every effort to see them. It's not too bad of a drive for us to get to Disney and parking is FREE at Downtown Disney, our usual meeting place. For kids our kids' ages, Downtown Disney is great entertainment and there are some good places to eat.

Two weekends ago, my girl Fuerl from Tennessee made the trip down with her two kiddos and husband. I neglected to bring a camera*, but I must tell you EARL OF SANDWICH is yummy, really a great place for lunch.

*Edited to add photos from Fuerl:
Happy on the merry-go-round

Annie, HJ, AE

Last week we met the girls' "boyfriends" to eat at the Rainforest Cafe. Brodie and Dylan's family came to celebrate Dylan's third birthday, and we were able to meet up with them on Dylan's actual birthday.

The girls are REALLY afraid of the croc.

So funny, Dylan the birthday boy was wiped out when they arrived!

He had no clue what was happening around him!

Hey, hey! The gang's all here!

Break it down now!

AE being escorted by Dylan and Brodie

There's the birthday boy AWAKE!

Every man for himself!

Not sure what HJ was creating

AE built a structure as tall as her.

The Daddy took this one. Sweet.

Getting ready to line up a few more visits with friends this summer. Would you like to be put on the calendar? :)


Carrie said...

Too funny. I guess we live too far away from Disney (2 hours) to be considered in the vacation lodging zone. At least you get to see your friends often!

Lisa said...

You know you live in Florida when you can forget to bring your camera to Disney. :)

We are going to St. Pete in a couple weeks to visit grandparents and will make a one-day trek to Mickey's house.

AE is big enough for soccer already??