I'm Starting to Think We Need More Swimsuits

Today began our swim lessons at The YMCA. And we had a screamer, y'all. Bless her little angel heart. She wanted nothing to do with the water, the swim instructor or the lifeguard.

Can you tell which one was the screamer?

But Y'ALL! That swim instructor got angel darlin' in the water screaming and kicking and MADE HER TRY. Two crowns in heaven for her.

My girls were beside themselves with joy and happiness. There were only four children in the lesson, so half the class came from my womb. I have to admit. I felt tears coming on. Hormones, I guess. I did manage to wipe the tears and the humidity off the camera lens to get a few sweet, joyful shots of the girls with Miss Amy, the screamer and Josh.

Learning the proper way to enter and exit the pool

That is, until HJ decided to hop off the ledge and sink. The lifeguard and the swim instructor did not notice. BECAUSE OF THE SCREAMER. I had to jump up and say, "My daughter has fallen in!"

The orange octopus toy was the culprit when HJ fell in.

Then she cried.

As soon as I wiped the snot from her nose, she was fine. I know that little lady HJ was just upset and couldn't calm down enough to ask politely for a tissue! Thankfully, she was fine and dandy for the rest of the lesson. She learned a new word today: brave.

Seven more lessons to go. I think they'll nap well today and tomorrow and the next day...

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Anonymous said...

So cute, I so remember those day...

All the best,
Kathy :)