What Day Is It?

Summertime brings the most asked question, "What day is it?" to moms all over.

I am no different.

This time next week, I will mutter those words for sure. This week, however, we'll be getting up every morning with a purpose because we've still got swim lessons through Thursday.

HJ in the locker at the Y, post-swim lesson

Last week, we got our new stroller. The girls love sitting side-by-side (strange, I know) because our previous double stroller was tandem, meaning front-to-back. I've already taken more walks in four days with them than I think I have since we moved here in the old stroller.

See happy faces?

While AE was out on her date with The Daddy, HJ and I went to a favorite haunt Chick-fil-A after creating masterpieces with Play-Doh. She had mama's sole attention at her favorite restaurant and only took 45 minutes to eat her ONE chicken strip.
After taking her to the potty, we headed into the stinky, germ garden we call "the playground." HJ took a private moment up in the play structure and slid down the slide to announce, "I have poopie in my panties."

I left them in the bathroom after flushing the evidence, and I thankfully had an extra pull-up in my purse. You can understand, we are still struggling with that portion of potty training. Yuck.

After clean-up and more playtime, we enjoyed ice cream and milkshakes. By the time we finished those, we had been there about two hours. They love us there. It was a fabulous date if you asked HJ, but for me, sigh. Next year, hopefully HJ will get to go to the ball as well.

Don't you love this picture of my feet?
Yesterday I ran out for a couple of hours taking pictures of possible furniture pieces for our new master bedroom. I found this one once I got home!

Well, the kids are napping. I'm about to do the same. More renovation updates to come this week!

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