She's Turning Five

The first time around, we didn't know whether to expect a boy or a girl.

We lived in suspense, awaiting your arrival. Awaiting your announcement. Awaiting parenthood.

You charmed us with your beauty, but you won us over with your heart, teaching us a new way to love.

You've grown so quickly now. You're the biggest of our three.

We can always count on your laughter and smiles to keep us company.

Happy Birthday, AE!


Lynn said...

~Happy Birthday AE!!~ You sure look like a little sweetheart, both in your baby picture and now too!!

Gosh, the years seem to go by so quickly, don't they? My baby (only) girl, as I also have 3 boys, will turn 45 years old in Nov. and it seems like she should still only be that little 5 year old!


Harris said...

Sweet Sweet Girl! I hope she had a wonderful birthday! I can't wait to see the pictures. It is just not right not being there :-(.