A Whole Hand

She's five years old.

Banana pancake birthday breakfast to start the day

Picture with silly sister before heading to school

Special snack time at school

SJ's first visit to his sisters' school

AE's stats at the beginning of the school year- wonder where she'll end up?
Note: she gave herself one green eye and one brown eye- she's got hazel eyes, get it?

Big sister showing off her little brother

Wearing her birthday crown

Celebrating with her classmates

At home after school with Christina, the class mascot

Christina got to go shopping for her new big girl bike

All she ate of her cupcake

Story time to end the day with Nana

I much preferred the few weeks when I could say, "I have a 4-year old, 3-year old and a newborn."

Now she's a whole hand, and I'm a little heartbroken. Just a little.

The rest of me is so proud of her and the little lady she's becoming.


Tara G. said...

Sweet! Hurry and take some great photos- you wouldn't believe how fast they start looking older after they turn 5!!

Harris said...

I miss celebrating with you guys:-(. I need some girl hugs!