Oh, The Christmas Parties and Programs!

Tis the season, right?

No breaks for this mama this week:

Monday- HJ's Christmas party
Tuesday- AE's Christmas party
Wednesday- Both girls' Christmas program

Totally caught in the act eating the marshmallow for her snowman creation!

Decorating Santa hats

In HJ's class, they decorated stockings:

Then they painted each child's hands to make antlers from the hand prints!

SJ was a trooper and enjoyed each party!

The Christmas program took place in the sanctuary:

I had not been in there before and it was beautiful!

We sat on the back row, so SJ and I could bounce and sway at nap time.

AE finally saw The Daddy:

HJ never really saw any of us AND didn't sing a word:

Looking forward to a weekend of delivering Christmas goodies to neighbors and friends!

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