Because I Couldn't Just Let It Go...

Christmas was magical LAST year, you 2010. I documented it for our newest addition, SJ, but I neglected to share the magic for our girls.

Before we left for Georgia, we opened our presents from Poppy:

Our little cowgirl couldn't have been happier!

This MAY be a clue about Halloween for next year. BECAUSE I CAN'T DO A Halloween WITHOUT A THEME, YOU KNOW.

Evidenced HERE and HERE and HERE.

But I digress.

Once we were in Georgia, we settled in for food that wouldn't quit, time with family and friends and the big sha-bang, Christmas Morning.

Here AE waits patiently at the top of the stairs for her sister to finish up in the bathroom:

First thing the girls saw was the highly-requested PILLOW PET. HJ received the unicorn while AE got the dolphin.

AE got another addition to her cowgirl get-up, her very own "horse she can ride".

She named it "Bullseye."

The other big items were from American Girl. AE picked Ruthie,

and HJ got her very own Bitty Baby who she named, Rosie.

Quite possibly my FAVORITE moment from Christmas, aside from the snowfall, was seeing these sweet sisters exchange presents.

AE picked out a Belle gloves, purse and necklace set to match the dress that Santa brought HJ.

HJ picked out a Color Wonder finger painting kit for her big sister.

The love between those two!

Then the girls got the special joy that only a white Christmas could bring.

The Daddy and Uncle C. took the girls out to play late in the afternoon.

I stood on the porch and took photos.

They made snowballs.

And they threw them at each other.

And at Uncle C. You can tell how dark it was when I was trying to take these pictures.

They made snow angels.

They made memories to last a lifetime.

They got tuckered out.

Ah, now I feel ready for blogging in the new year!


Katie said...

Thank you for your comment- I just love that your adorable girls are aware of "King Day"!

I think it is so special and neat to have two girls so close together in age. They are just beyond cute and seem to have such a great big/little sister bond. Great Christmas pictures and memories!!

Janelle said...

Hilarious. We are doing toy story next year for Halloween too. And yes, we always do a theme as well. :)

Langleys Mom said...

I can see how the gift exchange could melt your heart! So sweet!