To the Extreme

Extreme Home Makeover, that is!

While The Daddy is in Arizona for the Auburn Tigers' National Championship game, his parents came to stay with our brood and me. We headed over to Cocoa Beach yesterday to see Uncle C's girlfriend, Alyson at her job. She travels round the country with the show as a makeup artist.

You can tell the girls were impressed. Ty was very talkative (surprise) and had a lot to talk to The Daddy's parents about. He grew up in Marietta, Georgia where they currently reside.

Alyson and the girls outside the "StarWagon."

Getting primped

They LOVE Alyson!

Smallest shirt we could get for HJ

There's the house.

One of the production designers got shot in the head with a stray nail while we were there!

Michael Moloney, on air designer

These ladies were creating a scrapbook for the family.

We've known Alyson for more than five years, but this was the first time I'd been able to see her at work. The whole process was fascinating! There are so many volunteers and they really take over the neighborhood for the week during construction. Can't wait for this episode to air so the girls can see exactly what they were doing!